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Echo of my Mind: Bad News Sell because there are Willing Buyers

One of the ingenuity  of our people to deceive and delude others is with visual effects.. Many people want to "see" before believing as they are of view that seeing is the best form of confirming the existence of something. When they are able to see either with naked eyes or on pictures or videos, all barriers to doubt are removed. In this reality, a new brand of information experts have arisen. There job is to spread news and  Ironically,  they have become more sophisticated with years and technology as they release deceptive news and information for the public consumption.

It got more intense when the diversified into politics, religion and ethnic sentiments. . Whatever their motive, they sure most be smiling when the public go hysteria because a report comes with "proof" and send cyberspace into massive public hysteria. It does not matter if the "proof" is fake, doctored or manipulated. The people who want to believe in what they see would accept what sight shove into their head.

There is no doubt that public love sensational news. For without consumption, there would be no oversupply. If there is anything to change it will first start with curing our appetite for sensational bad news. Bad News sell because there are willing buyers.

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